PLAY WITH YOUR DOG AND BE HIS / HER BEST FRIEND! Below is an email I received from a graduate of my school – it says it all….

Thank you for your comments - sometimes it is hard to remember how far we have come. Simba is still great at all the things we learnt with you - sit's, waits, leave, etc. We also found that playing lots of games with her really reinforces our relationship with her, to the point that if we go somewhere with her that is a large green space she just bounds around us barking for a game. I never thought I would see the day! When you met her we used to let her off the lead - then spend the next 20 minutes chasing her around a tree that was across the park because she once saw a squirrel there! Please do use my comments re play on your website. I wish it was something more dog owners were aware of. You see so many bored and disengaged dogs in the park, desperately looking for another dog to play with. When you have a dog with ‘issues’ you become very aware of every other dog in the park. I can honestly say that I think in every walk we go on at least one dog comes up to Simba to see what all the fun is, and want to join in her game - which can be a real problem especially when their owners cannot get them back; which they often can't. I had an incident where a dog was leaping on me - it was so desperate to be in on Simba’s game, luckily Simba sat and waited as I told her to, whilst the dog's owner tried to grab it. Anyway hopefully if you can encourage even a few more people to play with their dogs it will help. Thank you again for your help - it is much appreciated. Sue and Simba.