Lily (above) has walked past the rag toy on the floor -ignoring it because she is listening to her owner. Archy (right) is listening to his owner as he walks and there is no tension on the lead.


The dogs in the video clips have been taught how to respond to instructions that are very useful in everyday life – (this is not competition obedience) – it’s everyday obedience for the family dog. We had no ‘rehearsal’ I just filmed whatever happened during classes. See the dogs in class walking on a loose lead. Click here  To See a 14 week old pup walk to heel, stay, recall and leave Click here To watch a 10 week old puppy walk on a loose lead and sit by the side of the handler Click here The next video is of Lucy recalling to her owner and Tilly leaving a bag of lamb and doing a 'stay'.   Click here   The third video was taken in a park with Lola and her owner - you can see how she interacts with dogs she meets and returns to her owner as soon as she is called  - even when about to run for a ball...Click here