I teach a foundation course which is suitable for puppies and dogs of all ages. The class is one hour each week for nine weeks and I teach a limited number of dogs per class.  

The next Nine week Foundation courses will start in November 2019:- The talk night for both the Sydenham and Dulwich classes will be on Monday the 4th November at my Sydenham venue and those attending the Dulwich classes will be in Dulwich with their dogs thereafter.

Monday:      Sydenham:      4th November Talk night - no dogs . Time: 7.30pm  Classes will start on the 18th November 2019.  Time: 7.30pm. (Two spaces left) No class on the 11th November.

Wednesday:      Dulwich :         4th November Talk night - no dogs.  Time: 7.30pm  Classes will start on the 20th November 2019. Time: 6.30pm (Full) and 7.30pm (Full) No class on the 12th November.

The Foundation courses will cover:

Lead work - teaching your dog to walk by your side without tension on the lead.                    

Recall - teaching your dog to return when you call him/her.                                                             

Not Jumping Up -  if your dog  jumps up on someone who is (for example) afraid of dogs or they are knocked over because of the dog jumping up at them, you could be prosecuted or worse still your dog could be destroyed; so it is important to train your dog not to jump up - unless told to do so.

Leave - this could save your dog's life.

Stay /Wait - teaching your dog to remain in a "Sit" or a "Down".

Play - if you interact with your dog, you will have a better relationship with him/her and therefore a better chance of your dog listening to you.

Diet - we are what we eat and this applies to our dogs as well.  Understanding what your dog needs to eat to keep him/her healthy, happy and well behaved is another important aspect to consider because what we put into their bowls can affect them.

Handling - understanding how to handle your dog, so that he/she is more comfortable when  handled / examined at the vets.

I offer  one-to-one training for you and your puppy / dog.

I provide a pre-school puppy training programme for you and your puppy in your home...to start you off on the right foot/paw!   I can also advise you before your puppy arrives in your home.

Refresher course: Open to those who have attended the foundation course.  Dates in 2020 not yet confirmed. 

If your dog has behavioural problems other than basic training needs - I do not do behavioural consultations but will recommend two excellent behaviourists.

                            The School will be closed from the 9th November until the 17th November 2019 and between the 20th December 2019 until the 6th January 2020.

Emails, 'phone calls and texts will be responded to on my return so please do leave a message!