Puppy (Remote) consultations - Jane can advise you on how to prepare for your puppy and how to teach him/her how to settle into your home.  The consultation can be before or soon after your puppy has come into your home.  

Deciding on what breed would be suitable for you and your family? Jane will help advise you.

Please contact Jane Ball for remote consultations on 07779 692339.                                         Email:  

 " I  count my lucky stars every day that we were put in touch with Jane when we decided to take a Cockapoo to train as an assistant dog for my daughter.  Jane's knowledge, understanding, patience and love of dogs know no bounds.  She radiates warmth across the zoom call to both my daughter and dog and within a short period of time has transformed Teddy from a mind of her own frenetic ball of energy to an obedient, responsive, happy companion for my daughter.  I cannot rate Jane's lessons high enough.  Thanks to her effervescent and empathetic  personality every lesson is a joy.  I only wish I could have had Jane's advice in our previous dogs' lives as Jane's instruction makes for a very happy stress free, dog friendly household. Thank you Jane." Nutz Roome.

  "I would highly recommend the online training with Jane.  She is clear, helpful, supportive and it feels like she is there with you in person.  Our Labrador puppy learnt so much and we all had fun.  Thanks so much Jane."  Wendy Bryan.

Foundation course:  Please contact Di Karn on 07783 223230.  Email:

 The first class is a talk night for all classes (no dogs) Date: 27th June 2022 Time: 7pm. Sydenham venue. 

Sydenham.  Mondays. Time: 7.30pm.  Start date (with dogs) 4th July 2022                                  The class will be an hour each week for eight weeks. 

 Sydenham.  Tuesdays. Time: 7.30pm.  Start date (with dogs) 5th July 2022                                  The class will be an hour each week for eight weeks. 

Dulwich. Mondays.  Time: 1pm.   Start date (with dogs) 4th July 2022                                            The class will be an hour each week for eight weeks.  

The 9 week Foundation course - Suitable for dogs of all ages:  Instructor - Di Karn.

Lead work - teaching your dog to walk by your side without tension on the lead.

Recall-  teaching your dog to return when you call him/her.

Not jumping Up - if your dog jumps up on someone who is (for example) afraid of dogs or they are knocked over because of the dog jumping up at them, you could be prosecuted or worse still, your dog could be destroyed; so it is important to train your dog not to jump up - unless told to do so.     

Leave -  this could save your dog's life.      

Stay/Wait -  teaching your dog to remain in a "Sit" or a "Down".    

Play -  if you interact with your dog, you will have a better relationship with him/her and therefore a better chance of your dog listening to you.     

Diet -  we are what we eat and this applies to our dogs as well.  Understanding what your dog needs to eat to keep him/her healthy, happy and well behaved is another important aspect to consider because what we put into their bowls can affect them.       

Handling -  understand how to handle your dog so that he/she is comfortable when handled by you and the vet.  

Refresher course - Jane teaches the refresher courses - dogs must have attended the foundation course before attending these more advanced classes.  Current course Full - next course in June.

If your dog has behavioural problems other than basic training needs - we do not do behavioural consultations but know of  a behaviourist who offers that service.


                                            We look forward to hearing from you!