We are so grateful for the recommendation for Jane when we were looking to do some additional dog training with our 16 month old labrador! Jane has given us the skills to further improve Gibson’s behaviour, even as an older puppy. In such a short amount of time, we (and others) have noticed a huge difference in Gibson’s behaviour. We’ve also benefitted from Jane’s experience and knowledge in advance of welcoming a second puppy. She has really helped us understand different perspectives that exist on puppy training to help us choose what is best for us and our puppy. Jane‘s approach to dog training is simple, effective and easy to implement and we wold highly recommend her! C. Richardson.

"I would highly recommend the online dog training course with Jane.  She is clear, helpful, supportive and it feels like she is there with you in person.  The accompanying videos are also a useful tool that can be referred to.  My daughter and I with Alma, our spirited Labrador puppy,learnt so much over the course and we all had fun.  Thanks so much Jane."  Wendy Bryan (owner of Alma.)

 "We got our first dog, a 12 week old Vizsla, last summer...We needed guidance and advice on all aspects of owning a dog and Jane was quite literally a Gods'end.

Jane helped us all to understand how we needed to behave with her in order that she would behave with us and others. Most importantly, Jane gave us the confidence ...Jane's training techniques are simple to get and repeat, the impact/results are quick to see, and her guidance always given in the context of why any given activity or behaviour is important to achieve.

She is always kind, calm, patient, encouraging, insightful, clear, respectful, humane and fun. She is great with animals of all ages, human or canine! Money very well spent.

We would recommend working with Jane to anyone who has a dog and wants to make the most of what should be a very rewarding relationship.”  Kate Munn (owner of Ulla.)

"I personally wanted to thank you for the course that Roupa and I attended and to congratulate you on being such a superb teacher.  Not only did we enjoy it and learnt a huge amount but more importantly, so did Ziggy.  Your style is friendly but firm, fun but equally driven and you are absolutely worthy of the endless recommendations that we have received prior to attending the classes."  Marcus, Roupa (owners of Ziggy.)

"At the beginning of the training course I was dubious that much could be done to calm our boisterous Labrador. But with Jane's excellent advice and by putting into practice her training methods we now have a more manageable and indeed far happier pet. Jane is clearly passionate about dogs, training them to be good pets and to fit into the world around them.  I could not recommend her highly enough." Lauren Mills (owner of Marley 11 months)

"Thank you so much - your teaching and guidance has been wonderful!  We were so glad Bronte started training with you when she was 12 weeks old - not sure  if I could have managed otherwise.  She was off lead in the woods today and came back when called.  She played with another dog for a bit and then came back.  This morning there was a dead decomposing frog in our garden and when I told Bronte to "leave it" she stepped back two feet and just sat looking at it.  she is putting into practice all the things you teach us.  Thank you."  Gemma Birt (owner of  Bronte.)

"Jane has made a tremendous difference to our lives. Our first lesson was very testing when Spike, a rescue terrier from Battersea, barked continuously throughout and was eventually sick with stress. He was a very nervous little dog with an unclear history. Over the weeks; with Jane's careful handling and thorough advice, Spike grew in confidence and is now a completely different, and wonderful little dog. I don't know how to thank Jane enough apart from recommending her to any puppy/dog owners I know"  Elle, and Spike (18 months). 

"I think I am a better owner for having been to your classes; and that is your work, not mine. One of my aims was to try to develop the best possible relationship with Boof and I feel that I am indeed on that path. The framework you set out and concentrated on during these few weeks, covered the key issues for most owners (with new dogs or otherwise). I feel the information provided, and your lavish praise with careful prompts, has set us up for future success and the early results are obvious even to me. Previously lead walking with Boof wasn’t a pleasure, I hesitate to say but she really is pretty good on the lead now. So I wish you continued success with all your future pupils - I would happily endorse / recommend your classes and one to one training, and look forward to keeping in touch. Fondest regards, Leigh and Boof xx" (5 year old rescue).

"Jane, really thanks for your help - coming to you has been fantastic, much better than any previous training we have done with 'Mustard'.  If only we had lived in SE since he was very small!"  Kit Ryall (owner of Mustard 13 months.)      

 Jane, Coco went to stay with a dog sitter over the w/e whilst we were away  and I had to email you the comments which she texted me, and I'm sure is down to your brilliant training!!. Lucy Corrin (owner of Coco 6 months.)"She's very calm and extremely obedient. It's not often I see this kind of behaviour in a pup!"

Thank you for all your hard work! As you probably remember, I was a blubbering mess when we first spoke on the 'phone when Sherlock was only a few weeks old. You calmly listened to my problems and gave me valuable advice and encouragement to tide me over until we could begin your course. That really helped me make it through a difficult time and knowing that I had the course lined up was a goal for me to reach. He is my first dog and it has been an absolute baptism of fire, but it has been made a hell of a lot easier with your teaching and support. Knowing that I could touch base with an expert every week was very reassuring. If you need a testimonial …or would like me to write a review… just let me know.” (Zoe, owner of Sherlock.)

"We have all thoroughly enjoyed the classes and would love o be involved in anything further.  As an educator myself I must say your training skills are second to none." Fiona Dunlop (owner of Kali and Shanti.) 

"I keep telling everyone how amazing you are and what a difference you made to our disfunctional dog training at the beginning, I can never thank you enough for all the tips and advice you so generously share." Tanja (owner of Korra.)